Zoom In
Make friends on Google Maps

What is Zoom In?

Zoom In is a social location-based Android app that is designed to help you make friends nearby within a specific range (~500 km / ~311 miles) on Google Maps. The only thing you need to do is to share your location.

What is the purpose of Zoom In?

Zoom In is a genuine social app that allows you to meet people instantly when you are on the streets or in public places.

Zoom In Modes?

Google Maps mode: 

Open Google Maps and share your location with other users. Zoom in and out on Google Maps to find friends. If there are people nearby, they will appear on the map.

International mode: 

When using this mode it shows you people from all over the world.

Good to know about Zoom In..

Zoom In does not access your location in the background. To update your location on Google Maps you will have to:

1- Turn on the device location.

2- Open Zoom In and it will automatically update the location on Google Maps as well as fetching people nearby. This also allows users at the new location to find you.

To stop sharing location on Google Maps, Follow these simple steps: Settings -> Remove my location on the map.

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